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Tales of Dark & Light debut album from Nick Cody &The Caravan of Dreams now released





“Nick Cody’s gorgeous harmonies melt you starting from the feet and working their way up through your whole body until eventually you are a happy puddle”

                                                               Jon Gomm 

‘Fantastic accomplished dark pop dripping with hooks and harmonies, and some serious musicianship. West Coast meets West Yorkshire.’

Chris Catalyst (The Sisters of Mercy)

‘Tales of Dark and Light’ showcases beautiful musicianship, lush warm harmonies and glorious instrumentation. This album oozes charm and character.”

                                             Indie Buddie


“Tales of Dark and Light speaks truth about the world in which we live, illustrating issues such as Brexit, murder and social change within the beautifully crafted lyrics. Their musical style is influenced by the likes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Bob Dylan, and Glen Hansard using a blend of terrific acoustic instruments to produce their unique sound”

Music Talks.xyz


Tales of Dark and Light debut album

The Caravan of Dreams debut album “Tales of Dark and Light” is due for release in 2019. The Caravan ensemble includes many superb musicians including Agi on vocals and harmony vocals, Dave Bowie  Adrian Knowles and Fergus Quill on Double Bass, Laurent Zeller and Jed Bevington on violin, Rich Ferdi on percussion, Phil Doleman on banjo and lap steel, John Burr on harmonica as well as other guest musicians. 

I’m a great lover of music and play many instruments including acoustic & electric guitar, various ukuleles, mandolin, mandola, Dobro, ukulele resonator and walking bass dulcimer. I also play the guitarelle (see right-hand photo) built by Gregor Nowak from Vienna.

The music on this album is a lot darker than my previous work, with social observations as well as songs based on real-life individuals.  Although all the songs were written on ukuleles, the music involves many more musicians and instruments that I have recorded with to date.

Agi shares vocal duties and does a great job with harmony vocals adding a new dynamic to the final sound. Some of the tracks are very stripped down with just one or two instruments with an emphasis on great vocals. Other tracks have far more instrumentation than I have explored to date, creating a very different sound. The plan was originally to record an EP, but I have been so inspired by my fellow musicians, that we have enough material for a full album and possibly a second album at this rate.

Jed Bevington and Fergus Quill add a new dynamic to our live setup and have also brought some great new ideas to the studio recordings. My good friend Laurent Zeller is central to the album and continues to inspire and amaze me musically. 

I’m really pleased with this material and I have already showcased “Grey Skies” and “Dunning Kruger Blues” in New York with some local musicians before recording them in the UK with my longstanding producer Carl Rosamond. I’m spending far more time on this material than in days gone by and am grateful to be working with so many first-class musicians.




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