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Welcome to my site – Nick Cody Musician

I work as a musician, writer and freelance journalist. In recent times I have started writing for Uke Magazine, published in the UK, interviewing instrument builders and artists, including Jake Shimabukuro, Bill Collins and Takahiro Shimo.

In 2014 I founded the band “The Small Change Diaries” which now includes Adrian Knowles, Rich Ferdi and Jessica Bowie. The band’s sound centres around two ukuleles, vocals, percussion and double bass. To date we have released a debut album “Adam Blames Eve” and received radio play on BBC Radio. All our songs are originals with a string emphasis on lyrics and melody.  I am also an avid instrument collector and have an ever expanding ukulele collection from around the world which includes Shimo, Collings, Pete Howlett and Kanilea instruments. I have been known to scour the planet for custom build ukuleles and am a regular visitor to cities in Japan and the USA.

nick cody

Prior to becoming interested in ukuleles I studied guitar and over the years have had private lessons with Martin Simpson, world renowned acoustic artist. I have always been interested in songwriting and artists that provoke new ways of thinking. Some of my influences include Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Bob Dylan and Steve Earle.

Adam Blames Eve Album as a download

Adam Blames Eve debut album from The Small Change Diaries is now available online here as well as on ITunes. Also available on all amazon sites, google play and Spotify!